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The MVARA was founded in January 1990 by present and passed members Jim K9LBX, Craig N9ETD, Bill N9FDE, Andy KAØSDT and Tom WA9TS.


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Craig, N9ETD


"Well, my interest in radio started sometime in my teen years. That would be the mid 1970's when CB radio was popular. My Dad got me started there."

73, Craig


Bill, N9FDE


"HI, my name is Bill Kleinschmidt and my call is N9FDE. My interest in radio started at an early age with my grandparents old Silvertone Shortwave radio."

73, Bill

Dan, W9FCC


"Born and raised in Sioux City Iowa. I'm a retired CenturyLink Communications Technician and I like to run CW, QRP, and digital modes."

73, Dan

Dave, WV9E

"When I was about 12 years old I was tuning the TV for other stations and discovered my first TV DX station, well Iowa anyway. This was my first band opening.  Lucky for me, my Grandpa knew about radio and he encouraged me to learn about more it."

73, Dave

Zach, KC9NOK

Recieved my Tech license in 2008 and upgraded to general in 2009. I'm still learning alot about HF and really loving it.


73, Zach

Cory, KC9NOJ

I am still learning the in's and out's of HF and VHF with the help of my fellow hams in the Mississippi Valley Amateur Radio Association.


73, Cory


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Established 1990
Established 1990
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Mississippi Valley Amateur Radio Association, Inc.
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