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Hello I’m John (N9ARL)

This is usually where people put there radio and antenna type there using and so on and we will get to that.  What I like to talk about is Mentoring. The number of Amateur operators is down a large part do to newer technology and I know this isn't new information to most, but there is another part that keeps numbers down Lack of public promotion i.e. clubs getting out in parks and other public places and operating except a few times a year like field days. so many towns have their own yearly weekend carnival/flea market set up there get on the radio there promote your club make some contacts sell some equipment have a good time let the public see you operating answer some questions next I read different forums on different sites and I’ll be reading and see a new ham ask a question and some of the more experienced hams can be rude and be like are you kidding read a book other hams are very helpful it only takes one bad experience to turn someone away. people learn different ways they may have read that book but just need someone to put it in different words so they can understand it better. Next will probably get me some emails the subject is baofengs A lot of new hams are starting out with these radios because there cheap and some of the more experienced hams put them down. I look at it this way yes they are cheap but they are bringing people into the hobby and if they have good experiences and mentoring from their peers they will move on from the cheap Chinese radios to the better equipment.

So if you can’t tell by now I’m big on mentoring and promotion….and my first ht was a Baofeng….

Now for the Current Equipment list

Ht Yaesu ft2dr  FTM 400DR 2m mobile/base kenwood 700a                                                                                  HF Rigs Icom IC-756

Icom IC-7300 Amplifier Ameritron AL811-H Tuner LDG AT-1000 PROII

Antenna MFJ 1778M G5RV Jr

Current go box 

This is a Yaesu go box enclosed in a Gator 10u Rack

Radio 1 is a Yaesu FT-8900r Quad Band 

Radio 2 is a FT-891 HF/50MHz All Mode 

Tuner is a MFJ-993b

All this started with a Baofeng .



Talk to you on the Bands



73 John N9ARL


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Established 1990
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